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How to find us and key location information

Please see Sykes Holiday Cottages website for details of what is provided.

Directions: The lighthouse is easy to find and located immediately off the main North/South A17. The nearest postcode for your satnav is PE12 9YT.

If coming from the north, indicate and be ready to turn immediate left into 'East Bank' as soon as you come over the Cross Keys swing bridge. If coming from the South, be ready to turn immediate right into 'East Bank' just before the Cross Keys swing bridge. If you pass it, don't worry, there is a roundabout immediately to the north of the bridge.

Once in East Bank, follow the road along for about two and half miles alongside the river until the postcode is reached at lighthouse farm and then continue on over the cattle grid for a further half a mile. The lighthouse gate is directly ahead.

Do not panic if you see a lighthouse on the other side of the river, you are not on the wrong side - because there is one across there too.

Key safe

Keys: For your convenience in arrival at any time, the keys are in coded key safe's.

The key to the main gate padlock is held in a coded keep-a-key safe beside the gate (please remember if arriving after dark that you may need a torch to see the numbers).

After unclipping the padlock, put your hand through the opening in the gate and lift the latch. Please always use the tie back catch for the gate or have someone hold it, because the wind has a habit of blowing it shut and you may otherwise damage the car when passing through.

The main front door key is located in another coded keep-a-key safe beside the entry door. This contains the lower lock key. You might need to pull the door gently towards yourself to help turn the key.