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A local guide to birds

A selection of pictures of birds that you are likely to see around the lighthouse

At the lighthouse, there are many birds that you might see. The pictures below are first, the more general birds you will likely see, plus many more, so please take a bird identification book and good binoculars.

 The second are the geese you will see in our rare goose breeding program beside the lighthouse.

From left to right: Curlew, Shellduck and Mallard Duck


From left to right: Herring Gull, Barn Owl and Black Headed Gull (out of breading season)


From left to right: Kestrel, Oystercatcher, Black Headed Gull (breeding colour)


From left to right: Barnacle Goose, middle top: Nene Nene Goose, middle bottom: White Fronted Goose, Pink Footed Goose

The Barnacle Goose (above left) and Pink Footed Goose (above right) are not endangered, whereas the Nene Nene Goose (above middle top) is highly endangered.


From left to right: Red Breasted Goose, Rosses's Goose (Snowgoose), Brent Goose

The Red Breasted Goose (above left) is highly endangered, whereas the Rosses's Goose (Snowgoose) and Brent Goose are not endangered.