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Links Page

It is not possible to overate the achievements of Sir Peter Scott nor to separate the image of the man from the lighthouse that brought his life into focus.

The following are links to YouTube video's with stunning views of the much loved Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse and tributes to Sir Peter Scott and his lifetime of achievements.

Views of the lighthouse and amazing surrounding area and big skies

Stars over the lighthouse Click here     

Sunrise over the lighthouse Click Here

Sunrise over the lighthouse 2    Click Here

Summer solstice over the lighthouse 2018     Click Here

A great all round video from 5 years ago  Click Here

A nice video for views Click Here     

Snowgoose Wildlife Trust Geese on the River Click Here 

Aerial views of the area and lighthouse    Click Here  

1938 Pathe News Peter Scott at the lighthouse  Click Here

Tributes to the life and works of Sir Peter Scott

Sir Peter Scott interview including David Attenborough Click Here

Very good Sir Peter Scott tribute 1989  Click Here   

Sir Peter Scott inspires the world          Click Here     

Sir Peter Scott Tribute                             Click Here