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Plan your Lighthouse Holiday

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Holiday information

General notes for your holiday at the lighthouse

There's plenty to see and do when you stay at the lighthouse. Below is a guide to help you get the most out of your stay. Click here for direction and key information.

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Booking your holiday

We want you to have the very best holiday experience in this wonderful lighthouse and unique area.

Whilst we look after the Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse locally, we have chosen Sykes Holiday Cottages to advertise and take the holiday bookings because their advanced booking systems and customer relations team are available to you across 24 hours a day and make for a far more sophisticated and friendly initial contact than we could hope to achieve for you.  They can be found on the following link Please Click here.

We regret that it is not possible to book with ourselves directly

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Staying at East Bank Lighthouse (Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse)

How to describe an experience with so many different facets?

What people have said:

                                                    ‘Incredibly peaceful and relaxing.                                 ‘Enfolds you like a friendly glove’.    

                                                    ‘Unbeatable sunrises and sunsets’.                      ‘Walking for miles and miles in the wild’ 

                                                             'Amazing wildlife’.                                                         ‘Wrapped in history’.    

                                                                           'views of over 20 miles in most directions' 

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